7 Sep 2017

For a sleek and stylish look, contemporary interior design is a great way to improve the interior of your home. Contemporary simply means ‘of the moment’, this means that contemporary design relates to furnishing and pieces that are in current style and are accessible now. With this in mind, it is easy to acquire pieces that are new to add to your home design and create a fashionable, comforting contemporary feel.

For any interior design approach, personal tastes play a major part, and for the contemporary look, it is easy to use elements to create the style you want. Not to be confused with modern design, contemporary design is fluid and ever-changing whereas modern design tends to focus on the trends that dominated the mid-1990s. The ever-evolving nature of contemporary style works really well for homes as it is easy to update the look slowly with the gradual acquisition of new pieces that keep the space bang on trend.

If you want to bring a contemporary nature to your home design, but don’t know where to start, then follow our easy steps to guide you in the right direction.

1. Neutral colour palette

A contemporary colour palette is one that is dominated by neutral and natural tones. Whites, browns, cream and grey are all commonplace in contemporary interior design. It is this neutral colour scheme that helps to give your home interior a simple and clean finish which is what contemporary design is known for. If you prefer a bolder colour choice, consider painting a feature wall that accentuates the room.

2. Versatile wood

Wood is a highly popular material in many interior design options because of its versatility and adaptability. Wood makes a great contemporary addition to a home, and what’s more, the range of colour choice, stains and finishing can give you the right look for your home.

To keep a contemporary theme, make sure you don’t clutter the space with wooden furniture which can create a traditional, country cottage look. Contemporary wooden features would include a real wood floor, floating shelves or fireplace beam or perhaps wooden picture frames or art pieces.

3. Light and airy

To keep the focus on the clean lines and polished look your design needs the right lighting to emphasise the look and illuminate the key contemporary features. A stylish pendant lamp in the middle of the room may cast the right glow across the whole room, giving it a warm and cosy atmosphere. Alternatively, floor lamps are a great way to add a stylish design and highlight the features in the room that you want to draw attention to.

4. Focal-point furnishings

While a contemporary style is clean, minimal and understated, a way to add personality and comfort which keeps the design warm and inviting is through a variety of textures. It is important to consider your furniture upholstery to give a contrast to the sharpness of contemporary design.

Find fabrics such a tweed, wool, crushed velvet and linen to break the refined lines and make your contemporary design homely. This Loose Button Cocktail Chair is an excellent choice as it offers clean, simple lines through the chair legs, contrasting textures and a bright colour pop that can be set against a neutral palette.

5. Metal finishes

Stainless steel is an obvious contemporary finish to your kitchen, but other metals such as copper and chrome can also be incorporated to add a chic contemporary feel. It is important to use metal sparingly to ensure a contemporary finish rather than following the industrial trend. Consider metal accents such as lamps, ornaments and table with metal features and legs. Try and keep the trend and metal choice consistent in each room.

6. Go natural

Another contemporary trend that is dominating the interior market at the moment is the use of natural materials. Whether that’s wooden walls, leather artwork or slate tables, there is a focus on bringing the outside inside with natural materials in a raw style. Rock, slate, teak and wood are all brilliant elements to incorporate into your home design for an earthy but contemporary finish.


If you want to add contemporary touches to your home, then get in touch for more ideas on how to transform your home with chic, on trend designs and unique custom-made furniture.